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What are the advantages and disadvantages of driving a car with automatic gear transmission?


  1. Jessica P says:

    If you want to overtake someone you don’t have to worry about which gear to select to make sure you get round them in time. Just floor it and the automatic gears do all the work for you!

  2. James Bondage says:

    Disadvantages of Auto transmission is the gearbox needs changing early and it costs a fortune!

  3. Arun says:

    The transmission system in a car helps in transmitting mechanical power from the engine to the wheels. Though quite a few types of transmission devices are available all over the world we would be discussing the manual transmission in details as it is the widely used transmission system in India. Automatic transmission will be briefly touched upon as they are slowly making their presence felt in the country.

    Manual Transmission

    The type of manual transmission which is available in the Indian market is called the Sequential Manual transmission. This type of transmission doesn�t allow the driver to select any gear at a given point of time. Such a technology will be a boon for the Indian road conditions as cars need sudden acceleration and stopping.

    In the type of manual transmission which is available in the country one has to move to the higher gear if one wants to pick up speed and has to do the reverse if he or she needs to slow down.

    They come with a driver operated clutch which needs to be depressed while operating the gear stick. The manual transmissions which are available to the country come with four to five gears with one reverse gear. These manual transmissions are referred by their number of forward gears they have i.e. if a car has 5 forward gears they could be referred as 5 speed Manual transmissions.

    Advantages of Manual Transmission

    # Manual Transmission offers a better fuel economy advantage over their automatic counterparts.
    # It is generally easy to build a robust manual transmission than a strong manual transmission.
    # Manual transmissions are cheaper than automatic transmissions and require less maintenance than the automatic one
    # A person driving a car with manual transmission has direct control over the car than a person who is driving the car with automatic transmissions.
    # A car with manual transmission provides an extra throttle while overtaking since the driver can move to lower gear for more power. Automatic transmission on the other hand has a delayed reaction time.
    # A car fitted with manual transmission requires a greater degree of control and involvement from the driver than a car with automatic transmissions. Such a system is just right for a place like India where there is a danger lurking everywhere.

    Like two sides o a coin there are a few disadvantages associated with cars that use manual transmissions, they are as follows

    # Driving a car with manual transmission requires greater degree of skill and application, an inexperienced driver could have his hands full while driving as he has to multi task and concentrate on a lot of things simultaneously.
    # While climbing up a hill, a car with automatic transmission always scores over the one with manual.
    # In a manual transmission smooth and effective shifting of gears can only be guaranteed by an experienced driver.
    # A car with manual transmission can�t be disabled friendly as it requires a greater degree of control and maneuvering.

    Automatic Transmission

    Ironically automatic transmission came into the country through two-wheelers rather than their bigger cousin cars. Kinetic Honda the flagship model from the stable of Kinetic Motors had a decent run with automatic transmission. In this section we will offer you a brief explanation of the automatic transmission system.

    The driver doesn�t have to change gear ratios manually as gear ratios in the gear box change automatically thus relieving the driver from the added responsibility of changing gears.

    However this type of transmission is still to become popular all over the world as they are not as fuel efficient as their manual counterparts.

    Though few car models are available in the country with automatic transmission yet the manual transmission is more preferred.

  4. 1prettywise1 says:

    You can’t bump start it if your battery is dead.

  5. talkingformydog says:

    Lets make it short… town an automatic is great because less tiring but costs more in petrol….on other roads it all depends if you really like driving or if you have to !

  6. JAN says:

    There’s no shifting hassle with an automatic that you have with a manual. But!, if you need repairs on a manual transmission it is less expensive to repair then an automatic transmission. If you are like me and many others, it is not easy to operate a manual transmission so an automatic is the only way to go.

  7. Aaron D says:

    I would Say that in this modern day and age it is actually more of a convenience to have an automatic car than anything,ex. cell phone coffee radio its harder to shift and do these things at same time.In my opinion You get more power control,more durability in a manual vehicle its just a not so well known fact. Oh yeah and a big advantage would be if you ever get battery trouble all you have to do is push or let a manual car roll and voila! it will start,that is actually a BIG advantage

  8. wally_zebon says:

    Advantages of an auto box – great through town, kick down (if fitted) is a blast

    Disadvantages of an auto box – you can put yourself through the windscreen by stamping on the non-existent clutch very soon after you first get the car. It takes a bit of getting used to.

    Advantages of a manual – you have more control over how the car behaves. It won’t change up mid corner upsetting the balance of the car

    Disadvantages of a manual – tiring through heavy traffic in town, or on motorway stop/go jams.

    The best compromise is a semi-auto box. It is an automatic that you can control with buttons or paddles on the steering wheel. Gives you the best of both worlds.

  9. nicky dakiamadnat600bugmunchsqig says:

    Advantage of driving automatic is you haven’t got to worry about the clutch pedal,and is more simpler to drive.
    Disadvantages of automatics,if you lose your electrics,you lose all steering and brakes.
    I have driven both,and i personally prefer manuals.
    My reason being i felt i would forget how to use all the pedals.
    I only drove an automatic for a few weeks,but the car was way too big for me.

  10. Sergeant0 says:

    Excelent if you are diabled. Even without a disability the drive is more relaxing not quite as fast through the gears from a standing start, but go for it, unless you are a boy racer

  11. person_of_size says:

    ited is eASier t0 sm0ked w/ aut0matcied transmissions.

  12. Bandit600 says:

    The advantages are that (depending on the type) there is no clutch to wear out. There is less work to do when in slow moving traffic. There very handy if you are less than perfectly able.
    The disadvantages are that they are more expensive to buy in the first place (although the gaps getting smaller), the use slightly more fuel (most auto boxes have a lockup clutch in the torque converter to reduce losses and aid motorway driving), and they weight slightly more. To be honest, not may problems happen with a modern autobox these days.

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